Job listings for AI expertise skyrocket by 450%; discover the desired qualifications for companies.

Ai News : Job postings featuring AI-related abilities are expanding quickly, as businesses aim to develop innovative efficiencies both in-house and for their clients. However, there’s a scarcity of professionals with AI expertise, prompting many organizations to simultaneously upskill their existing workforce and hire new talent. – ai news

Ai news

Ai News :

The quantity of weekly job listings involving generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) technologies, like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google’s Bard, and Cohere’s Coral, has soared over 450% compared to last year, as stated in a recent report from US freelance platform Upwork.

The variety of AI-related job skills is also surging dramatically. Upwork’s freelance job platform identifies 294 skills under “AI Services.” In-demand roles encompass prompt engineers, AI content creators, machine learning and deep learning engineers, data scientists, AI chatbot developers, and experts in model tuning and AI model integration, as mentioned by Dave Bottoms, General Manager of Products for Upwork Marketplace.

As of the first half of 2023, based on the total number of individuals hired, AI has become the most rapidly expanding category on Upwork.

Kory Kantenga, a chief economist at LinkedIn, observed that job listings mentioning “GPT” or “ChatGPT” experienced a nearly sixfold (599%) increase between May 2022 and May 2023. Additionally, the number of LinkedIn members holding or having held “head of AI” roles has nearly tripled in the past five years.

Generative AI encompasses AI technologies that utilize data analytics, natural language processing, neural networks, and machine learning to independently generate text, images, videos, and even computer code.

Bottoms noted, “We’re witnessing businesses seeking independent professionals on Upwork with proficiency in AI tools like ChatGPT, DALL-E, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, Jasper, and more.” These job postings have grown by 230% in Q2 2023 compared to Q4 2022.

To assist clients in rapidly creating customizable job post drafts, Upwork developed its own AI-based job post generator. Additionally, Upwork introduced a chatbot to help businesses unfamiliar with the platform navigate it and discover how to initiate their talent search effectively.

Ai news :

Bottoms also mentioned they are currently beta testing a new feature called proposal tips, which allows talent to create more professional proposals instantly without requiring extensive training, ultimately helping them secure more work opportunities.

Additionally, the company has introduced a free trial of its Jasper generative AI services for copywriting, marketing, and image creation, which is available to job seekers using Upwork’s job platform.

Other job site platforms are also reflecting this trend.

Josh Brenner, CEO of job-search platform Hired, stated that since the beginning of 2023, the demand for AI-related engineers has risen, despite a dip between January and February, which may have been due to industry layoffs occurring during that period.

Brenner, in an email response to Computerworld, said, “Since February, there has been a significant rebound in the demand for AI-related software engineers, with active positions for these roles nearly doubling.” Brenner further noted that the most substantial surge transpired between March and April, reflecting a positive trend in the job market for AI-focused professionals.

The most desired skills among employers include Python, machine learning, AWS, SQL, and Java, according to Brenner. “Python, in particular, is the most in-demand skill, with employers seeking it nearly twice as frequently as machine learning,” he concluded.

A growing necessity for skilled engineers.

The emergence of prompt engineering is a direct result of the rapid advancements in AI technologies, particularly in the field of natural language processing and generative artificial intelligence (GenAI). As AI models like ChatGPT, Bard, and Coral become more capable, they require well-crafted prompts to generate accurate, coherent, and contextually appropriate outputs.

Prompt engineering involves designing, testing, and refining these prompts to ensure an AI system can process and respond with the desired output. This makes prompt engineering an essential skill in the development and optimization of AI systems, especially when it comes to shaping their performance and effectiveness.

The rise of prompt engineering reflects the increasing need for professionals skilled in fine-tuning AI models and understanding their intricacies. This skillset enables them to develop prompts that yield better results in AI-driven applications, such as chatbot interactions, content generation, and personalized user experiences.

As AI systems continue to evolve and play a larger role in various industries, the demand for prompt engineers and experts in AI model optimization is likely to grow even further, resulting in an expanding and diverse job market for professionals with relevant expertise.

An increasing demand for engineering professionals. [Ai news]

Cangrade, a company providing an AI-based hiring and talent management platform, recently announced the introduction of a new prompt engineering hard skills test. The test aims to help businesses identify and develop the workforce they will require in the future.

Cangrade CEO Gershon Goren stated that the test automatically assesses and scores candidates’ prompt engineering abilities, allowing organizations to confirm that the candidate possesses the skills to succeed both now and in the future. He emphasized that the test focuses on the fundamentals of prompt engineering rather than a specific domain.

Although prompt engineering is a critical skill for the future workforce, Goren acknowledged that it is nearly impossible for companies to rate their candidates in this area unless they have experts themselves, as technologies like ChatGPT are very cutting-edge.

TalentLMS, a cloud-hosted learning management platform, published a research report on achieving success in an AI-driven future. The report identified top in-demand cognitive skills in the AI era, such as problem-solving, creativity, originality and imagination, and the ability to learn.

To address the skills gap created by AI, the majority of HR managers plan to implement upskilling and reskilling initiatives (58%), as well as invest in AI training tools (58%). Additionally, 41% of HR managers intend to hire new employees to overcome the current shortfall in AI skills, while 85% will invest in learning and development programs to train workers on AI. – Ai news

Lavonne Monroe, HPE’s vice president of global talent acquisition and onboarding, revealed that her company is actively seeking AI-skilled talent through corporate acquisitions and recruitment initiatives. In 2021, HPE acquired Determined AI, an open-source machine learning platform, to boost the development of AI solutions for clients. HPE has also started working with educational institutions to shape curriculums that teach indispensable AI skills.

Monroe emphasized the importance of training a new generation of talent, particularly in diverse roles such as cloud engineers, ensuring that graduates enter the workforce equipped with the essential skills required in the AI-driven future.

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