Ai vs Hacker Hackers : We’re mindful of artificial intelligence’s impact and will ensure it’s used responsibly.

“ai vs hacker” AI is indeed transforming the way ethical hackers operate, and this trend will continue. Nevertheless, the community firmly believes that AI will never fully replace the unique creativity and perspective that human hackers possess. The fusion of AI technology and human intuition can lead to effective collaborations for improved security measures and solutions.

The latest edition of Inside the mind of a hacker (ITMOAH) report, published by Bugcrowd, explores the impact of AI on the hacking community. According to the results, 21% of respondents said AI is already outperforming them, and a third believe it will do so within five years. Around 78% thought AI would disrupt penetration testing or bug bounty programs by 2028, and 91% said generative AI would increase the value of their work.

However, 72% of the respondents agreed that AI will never be able to replicate the creativity of a human hacker. One of the respondents, a 20-year cyber security veteran, said that while AI excels at pattern recognition and solving well-known problems, humans are naturally curious and wired to be creative in finding novel solutions.

Ai vs Hacker, As AI continues to evolve, its impact on ethical hacking will undoubtedly increase. However, the unique creativity and problem-solving skills of human hackers are expected to maintain their edge for the foreseeable future.

ai vs hacker

Bugs and issues : Ai vs Hacker

Another Bugcrowd hacker, who goes by the handle OrwaGodfather, added: “AI is great, but it will not replace me. There are some bugs and issues, just like any other technology.

“It can have an effect on my place in hacking, though. For example, automation has huge potential to help hackers,” said OrwaGodfather, who started hacking in 2020 and when away from his keyboard works as a professional chef.

“It can make things easier and save time,” he said. “If I find a bug when performing a pen test and I don’t want to spend 30 minutes writing a report, I can start by using AI to write descriptions for me. AI makes hacking faster.”

Bugcrowd’s report

According to Bugcrowd’s report, many hackers are exploring AI technology, with 85% having tinkered with generative AI and 64% integrating it into their security workflows. Another 30% plan to do so in the future. The most popular AI tools mentioned were OpenAI’s ChatGPT (used by 98% of respondents), Google’s Bard, and Microsoft’s Bing Chat AI. 

Generative AI technology is applied in various ways, such as text summarization or generation, code generation, search enhancement, chatbots, image generation, data design, collection or summarization, and machine learning. In security research workflows, hackers use generative AI to automate tasks, analyze data, and identify and validate vulnerabilities. Other applications include conducting reconnaissance, categorizing threats, detecting anomalies, prioritizing risk, and building training models. 

Additionally, non-native English speakers or those not fluent in English use AI services like ChatGPT to translate or write reports and bug submissions, enabling increased collaboration across different countries.

ai vs hacker

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