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Apple Ai considers joining the generative AI scene with a tardy entrance.

apple ai

Apple ai : Apple has developed its own generative AI tools to rival large language model (LLM) services like ChatGPT and Google Bard, according to a Bloomberg article published on Wednesday. In addition to reporting on Apple’s plans to acquire Disney, Bloomberg states that Apple has designed an in-house framework …

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Job listings for AI expertise skyrocket by 450%; discover the desired qualifications for companies.

ai news

Ai News : Job postings featuring AI-related abilities are expanding quickly, as businesses aim to develop innovative efficiencies both in-house and for their clients. However, there’s a scarcity of professionals with AI expertise, prompting many organizations to simultaneously upskill their existing workforce and hire new talent. – ai news Ai …

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Eu Battery Law : The implementation of a new European Union (EU) battery regulation could potentially result in the cessation of affordable smartphones.

eu battery law 2023

Apple may find some flexibility for the iPhone concerning new EU regulations requiring user-replaceable smartphone batteries, but these rules will likely lead to the demise of the most affordable devices. EU requires user-replaceable batteries Eu battery law : EU mandates user-replaceable batteries By 2027, manufacturers must incorporate easy-to-replace batteries within …

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China it news : China is determined to enhance the dependability of its chip manufacturing industry.

china_chip from shutterstock

China it news : A new report from China’s Ministry for Industry and Information Technology states that the country’s manufacturing abilities are less advanced than other countries and improvement is needed across three core industries. China’s Ministry for Industry and Information Technology has expressed a strong desire to boost the …

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Ai vs Hacker Hackers : We’re mindful of artificial intelligence’s impact and will ensure it’s used responsibly.


“ai vs hacker” AI is indeed transforming the way ethical hackers operate, and this trend will continue. Nevertheless, the community firmly believes that AI will never fully replace the unique creativity and perspective that human hackers possess. The fusion of AI technology and human intuition can lead to effective collaborations …

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The launch of Google Bard in the EU shows that Google has addressed the data privacy concerns raised by the region

Google bard image

The lunch of Google Bard : Google Bard has triumphantly made its entrance into the European Union after addressing prior privacy concerns that had resulted in delays. It’s no secret that data privacy is paramount in the EU, and Google worked closely with the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) to …

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